FAQ about Tin Ceiling Canada

FAQ for Ashton Clarke Pressed Metal Designs

Do I have to drywall before I install pressed metal?

No, pressed metal can be installed as an alternative to drywall. Insulate the wall as you normally would, then install the pressed metal panels, as instructed in our installation techniques, right over the insulation.

Are pressed metal panels (tin ceilings) easy to install?

Yes! They are easier to install than drywall. Most panels over lap for a clean line, and any seams can be easily evened out with a little caulking. After that, it is a few simple coats of paint away from a beautiful finish. Follow the installation instructions for more detail on how to install. For direct installation questions, you may contact Ashton Clarke PMD at 519-925-6627 or info@ashtonclarke.ca.

What is the best method for painting wall panels?

We recommend using a brush, rather than a roller, to ensure all the details are painted to the highest quality. Using a fairly dry brush, apply the initial coat of paint, ensuring all crevices and details are painted.  After the first coat has set, repeat until you acquire the finish you desire.

What is the easiest way to paint the ceiling?

After you have finished laying out your panels and cutting them to size, paint each panel with an initial coat of paint.  Repeat ensuring even coverage on each panel. Next, carefully install the panels in your ceiling following installation instructions. Once installed, paint the ceiling with a final coat, ensuring you paint over hardware (screws, rivets or nails) and any nicks that may have happened during installation. The alternative to all of this is hiring a professional painter and having them spray on the paint in light sweeping coats.

Do Ashton Clarke Pressed Metal Panels rust?

No, it is made of lightweight aluminum and can withstand moisture.

I already have a tin ceiling but need to replace a few panels; can you replicate my current panels?

Yes! With a sample panel we can replicate the pattern and produce the panels for you in our light-weight aluminum.

What was the original purpose of pressed metal panels in the 1800’s?

Pressed metal panels were created to replicate plaster ceilings. Creating a designed or embossed ceiling was a pain-staking ordeal, and could cost a lot of time and money. Pressed metal panels or tin ceilings were much easier to install and, once painted, gave the same look and effect as ornate plaster.

Can pressed metal be installed in bathrooms and kitchens?

Yes it can if you use aluminum rather than tin. Tin tends to rust; therefore purchasing rust-proof aluminum is a safe and long-lasting alternative to the original tin panels.

I want to create a unique feature wall in my condo, how can I use the panels for an original look?

Yes! Our product has been applied to many apartments, stores, nightclubs and homes. Pressed metal can be as subtle or boisterous as you wish. It all depends on the finish you apply to it. Painted with a matte paint, the look is understated, however you can create a more intense look by painting detail in a complimentary colours or utilizing a unique finish styles. For more ideas, visit your local paint store and find instructions on the type of finish you want. Any finish that can be applied to walls can also be applied to pressed metal.